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Clear traceability for Swiss meat

Proof of origin thanks to genetic fingerprint


DNA origin check for Swiss beef

“If it’s labelled Swiss, it is Swiss.” To ensure this, Proviande, the branch organisation of the Swiss meat industry, works with IdentiGEN Switzerland AG. In the summer of 2018, a new control system was introduced to clearly declare Swiss meat by genetic fingerprint and to prove that the animals were actually kept and slaughtered in Switzerland.

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We use nature’s barcode

DNA is tamperproof and permanent, making it a foolproof way of tracing food from farm to fork. This has decisive advantages over document-based traceability methods. With more than 20 years of experience and in collaboration with wholesalers and food processors, IdentiGEN has a detailed understanding of the protein industry and makes a decisive contribution to testing the entire supply chain and thus strengthening consumer confidence.

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The matching of animal and product

In the Swiss project, a reference sample of each cow and calf is first taken in the slaughterhouse. This sample is transmitted to IdentiGEN for genetic analysis. Samples of meat products from trade and gastronomy are also analysed and compared with the reference samples. This makes it possible to clearly determine whether the meat originates from a Swiss animal and thus complies with the “Swiss origin” declaration.


We create transparency and security

Swiss meat is popular and enjoys great consumer confidence. Maintaining and deepening this trust is one of the central tasks of the entire meat value chain. DNA technology gives consumers the assurance that they will actually receive the desired and paid food attributes


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